It's a bike, it's a ship, it's a Minnesota BIKING SHIP!

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VikeBike on Sabo Bridge

VikeBike at night

The beginning... a free craigslist canoe (a tree had fallen on it and it was bent in half)

The most expensive portion... almost a shame to defile this beautiful trike.

Cutting 7 feet out of the middle of the canoe

Sizing up the pieces

Starting the bottom cut-out

Re-joining the ends into the mini-canoe

Assembling bow and stern ornaments (aluminum sheet, electrical conduit, and bike gears)

Final assembly of working ship

Adding the shields (pot lids from Goodwill)

#VikeBike plates!

250-watt sound system. :-)

Special access for special visitors. :-D


Addition of color-changing LED strips inboard and EL wire outline

Me & Al!

Grand Old Day Parade


Someday it will be inside...

Passing new Vikings stadium construction

Minnesota State Fair Parade!

May the Fourth be with you! #DarthViking

Click the image for a video of DarthViking !

RAGBRAI 2017 (Ride across Iowa), Spencer IA

RAGBRAI 2017 (Ride across Iowa), Gillet Grove IA

RAGBRAI 2017 (Ride across Iowa), Dickens IA

RAGBRAI 2017 (Ride across Iowa), Ayrshire IA

EPIC video from Ragbrai 2017... Click on the image to download, then go full screen and turn up the volume!

Addition of Disco Balls